Garden set 24th March 2015

Picked up this collection of garden tools up from a very green fingered client. As you can see I gave them a good thorough clean and fixed up the blades nicely and gave them a good oil in preparation for the upcoming season.


The lawnmower blade had taken a hammering but I ground out all the nicks and balanced it so should give a good clean cut.


All ready for delivery on Friday. The client had an old axe, a felling axe I think, which she gave to me as she didn't want it and I just happen to be in need of one. It needs some restoration work on the blade so pictures to follow soon



Hickory handled axe restoration April 2015

This was part of a bunch of stuff I picked up at a car boot sale. It was in pretty poor state but I do seem to like restoring axes and although it's not quite finished yet you can see it's looking pretty spanking. I have got round to giving it an inital sharpen but no pictures of that yet


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