There are various ways to use our services:

Drop off and collection:

You can drop off and collect. We have a drop off/collection point at Shirley Dry Cleaners. We work with them to enable us to bring a larger and more varied service to our clients.

Free Local collection and delivery:

If you are within 30 minutes of our workshop (CR0 7EP) (minimum order of £20) we will happily arrange a free collection from you and return your sharpened goods to you within 48 hours of collection.

On-site sharpening:

Alternatively we can arrange a visit to sharpen your goods on-site. This depends on your circumstances such as having somewhere suitable to sharpen (kitchen, garage or even on the driveway or in the garden, weather permitting). 


Minimum spend is based on the approximate journey time from our workshop.

If within 30 minutes the minimum is £20 and increases by £20 for every additional 15 minutes

How to use our services by post:


  1. Safely package your knives or tools.

  2. You will need to include a self address pre-paid envelope.

  3. Include payment, payment reference (if paying direct into the bank) or just your email address and we will email you an invoice for Paypal.

  4. Post your goods to us(address is at the bottom of the page), we recommend insurance and tracking each way.

  5. Feel free to take a picture of your order and email it to us at for confirmation.

  6. Please remember for blade repairs you must also include the cost of sharpening.

Payment options:

Cash payments or bank transfers are our preferred choices but please be aware If you are posting items then cash is not recommended but we can only advise and off course we'll accept it.

Cheque (made payable to Surrey Sharpeners)

Postal order