Lawnmower Servicing


We offer lawnmower servicing for petrol rotary mowers by appointment only. We generally don't do repairs but please give us a call and we will see if we can do anything.


Service charge is £80 and includes:


Steam cleaning

Lawnmowers take a lot of abuse when it comes to mowing the lawn and we will remove all but the most ground in grass, oil and dirt as we can.


Consumables change

Air filter, spark plug and oil change using quality parts and a premium quality four stroke SAE30 lubricant with additives that contain an anti-oxidant to minimise corrosion and help to prolong engine life and aids with easy starting.


Blade sharpen

We will remove the blade, sharpen and balance then refit it. Should your blade need replacing we will call you to discuss it.


Collection and Delivery

If required we will arrange to collect and return your lawnmower to you free of charge within a 10 mile radius of the workshop (CR0 7EP). Due to need to order the specific service parts for your lawnmower our 48 hour service does not apply to lawnmowers.




Phone 07469 942841


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